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A Season of Micro Adventures & Small Celebrations

Last year at this time we were counting down the days till we took off of on our first international trip as a family. We spent six weeks in Portugal, Paris and London. It was truly fantastic and a trip we have dreamed about for years.

This year it's about the micro adventures.

"A microadventure is an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding." Alastair Humphreys. (I have his book on hold at the library so can't fully recommend it but it looks super inspiring!)

Last month we skated at an outdoor rink on the legislature grounds after getting treats at our favourite Italian bakery. It was just an hour from home but for a brief hour we felt like we were adventuring somewhere further afield.

Earlier this month, we surprised our kids with a trip to Lake Louise. This place is stunning in the summer or fall with the turquoise water contrasting against the steep mountains but I think there is something very special about being in the mountains in the winter. We laced our skates up and joined a few other people skating under a canopy of misting snow. We took breaks to admire the ice sculptures which are spectactular and we skated until our feet hurt and the mountains became covered up with snow.

I love the small celebrations in this season of winter, St. Valentine's Day is a bright festive spot in what often is a dull, cold month. We had our own family celebrations with our school morning time spent reading about St. Valentine and discussing the various legend that surround this courageous saint. It is so fun to have older kids to have interesting discussion with beyond reading, I love hearing their perspective. We read some picture books that are old favourites and made valentines for our friends.

Next month holds a ski day, if we have to spend winter at home we like to really embrace all the winter sports we can! We'll celebrate St Patrick's Day, a celebration that has become a beloved tradition and we love going all out with decorations, Irish food and any excuse to eat a rainbow of fruit.

We are in the season of Lent, fasting and then feasting on the little Easters, every Sunday until the big celebration. This is a fairly new practice for us but one that will become more meaningful over the years. Even if the first few times are stumbling and adding one more thing to our evening routine feels clunky, the music is already rich and soothing to some of us. I know Easter will feel like a wonderful celebration this year!

I love the idea of planning another big trip, maybe for the whole family in a year or two to somewhere warm for the winter but in this season I'm content to celebrate our days and to adventure together, in our own backyard.

Tell me your favourite micro adventures!

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